Saturday, 4 June 2011


Today Becky and Carl arrived to redecorate my bedroom. Since Ian left I have been wanting to make my bedroom my own. I have made small changes but today it was unrecognisable as my bedroom.

Yesterday I took down all the shelving over the bed, filled holes and tidied and emptied the room.

A number of years ago when my bedroom was last decorated I designed this pattern and it worked but over the years it has got grubby and needed updating.

Firstly the squares had to have a quick coat of paint on

Becky was boss she kept us on task

Carl was chief roller. They have this fab paint roller from Dulux no spills brilliant.

Some of you may remember our student Ponmille well she was keen to help despite not being able to let go of her mobile ( cell) phone

While I straightened the girls went out and bought some accessories

This shelving is now  home to my teddy collection and smellies  especially Bath and Body Works

The four squares were new today and the picture on the left is one called the Helper.
The TV is sat on a chest of draws made by my Grandad years and years ago

All I need now is a new set of bedding but that will have to wait. Also Becky and I are swapping beds I only need a small one now.
Thanks Kids Love it

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