Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sometimes you read something and think oh wow thats good aother times you read something and thing wow what a brave person, Well I have just read this blog about a 15 year old called Alice. She has written a bucket list ( one of my fav films) as she has terminal cancer. She is not asking for money but just wanted to share her experience with her friends since Monday her blog has had ove six thousand people add as followers.

One of her wishes is that everyone will offer to be a bonemarrow donor.
it's amazing how one so young can want something so grown up.
Anyway just a short blog


Pondside said...

Hi Tracy - some people are so brave and able to keep on reaching out. This young woman is certainly one of those.
I enjoyed my look around your previous posts - I was sorry to read about your aunt, but happy for you when I saw your bedroom re-do. A bedroom is one's sanctuary, but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle. Yours is great now!

cj Schlottman said...

Tracy, Thank you so much for this post and link. I am now following Alice and am amazed by her strength and determination. I am an Hospice nurse, and she is setting a wonderful example by living until she dies, not lying down and just letting death take her.