Saturday, 19 November 2011


Well what a day , found out yesterday that I am not fit to return to work  I know its for a good reason but I am well and truly P****d off.
I really was looking forward to going back and getting some routine back in my life before Christmas and then the back procedure in January.

Ok so what shall I do with myself ?

I have written the christmas cards , created the news letter, done the present shopping thanks to Amazon and have Nearly finished gift sewing.

I know I will play Rummikubs on Facebook . Ok I won two games now what ah there is my cousin on line next followed a ten minute type chat very good it was too .
Now what ok I know I can not put it off any longer .

I have been procrastinating about this room for MONTHS.

I usually do the desk and get overwhelmed but not today I have sifted emptied recycled thrown away and relocated items .
And I proudly present to you.....

So as you can see a great improvement I have tiedied the rest up as well just did not photograph.
Now have more for a car boot sale .
Now it is time for scrabble online
Happy weekend

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