Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Alphabet Thursday ......F

Ok here we are again at Thursday already. or should I say Fursday ( ok I am struggling with F) .
Actually I am not that was a total fabrication of the facts. The obvious F for me is Faith but I have shared that alot on here, I could have shared about festivities and Father Christmas but its a wee bit too early for that so here goes.

For me there are two very important F words in my life and they are ......


Firstly I will share with you my family


Rebecca 26 married to Carl
Elizabeth 25 engaged to James
Christopher 23 married to Gemma and about to become a Daddy
Hannah 20 girlfriend to Tom
Adam 19 adopted into the family after his Mum died 3 years ago having been a part of our family all his life

So as you see I have an extensive family . Add into that  AJ  ( Aunty Jean )  and  Robert my brother who has two daughters and two grandaughters
You might be getting the picture I have a large family. Well I do and I am very thankful for that .
Of course I have 4 cousins in America who between them have 8 children and they have a further 3 children .
So basically if I traced back to my maternal Grandparents
its like this  My Grandparents had four daughters who between them had 6 children who went on to have 10 children, they went on to have 10 children ( + 1 on the way) and they are continuing  the generations by so far having 3 children .
You lost or just bored? 
Ok you may have picked up that family is important to me. This year saw the Deaths of both my Father and my Aunt, two Fabulous  parents to their chuildren and grandchildren and in my Aunts case her great Grandchildren.

The miles keep us a part but thanks to


we can all keep intouch with each other.

Ok now onto FRIENDS
I read somewhere that friends is made up of just 7 letters and that you cant last 7 seconds without a friend.

I am not sure about 7 seconds but I certainly could not survive without my friends .

I have different friends for different times  for instance if I had something to share with a Christian I would call up a different friend than if I wanted to share a piece of family news or work news .
I have friends who are like sisters and friends that are like a parent to me.
I have male and female friends thankfully I have been blessed with an fantastic group of friends who are basically the family that you choose.
I really do see these friends as family.
And I really hope that I am a good friend.

These two verses sum up friendship for me . Unlike my family who I have named I am not naming my friends because if they are reading this they will know hwo they are .

Last year I had to do a PSHE lesson at school about friendship and basically the children had to have the above and fill in people/friends in the circles for example the centre would be you and maybe one or two close family/friends that know all about you . Next would come another couple of people who would know a bit less and so on till the outter space would be aquaintences with whom you exchange pleasantries .
I found this a very usefull lesson even for me.

Oh by the way this F week has come to you curtesty of Jenny over at Alphabet Thursday please pop in and say hi she has a class full of people like me who come up with a way of filling our blog pages on a Thursday .

MM just realised could have added Festivities and figs one of which I like and the other is good for you.
Then of course there is Flapjacks to which I apply Like and good for you .

Bye for now see you next week with H .........

PS just had another fought how do people who we have never met link into friends? I have lotes of those frew the internet  especially here in class.


Stacia said...

Fursday. I love it! That's exactly how my kids say it. And friends, family, Facebook ... I think you covered all the important ones. =>

Karen S. said...

Oh I just had a fun time going through this very cool F full of's firstly and lastly just so fantastic! I really love the family stick people! Very cute!

EG Wow said...

How lucky you are to have a large family and it's wonderful that you appreciate it!

Leovi said...

His F is fun, friendly and full of love, congratulations.

Diane said...

Family and friends are God's greatest blessings and facebook is a great way for keeping in touch with them! :)

Andy said...

I really enjoyed this post. I think you speak for most of us when it comes to family & friends. I too come from a large family. I have many friends, including my FB friends form near & far, but only a small circle of friends who I trust explicitly & on whom I know I can depend come what may.

Best wishes on your soon-to-be granny status & I hope all goes well for baby, mom & dad. Oh...keep your heart open to has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it (smile).
Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.

For ref:
Firebrand Of The Heart

Steph said...

Family and Friends are precious words starting with F for me too. As well as faith. It's fun to hear about your family and to see so evidently the love you have for all of them. The friends circle exercise you did does sound interesting. I may try it myself. Great post!

Sue said...

These are two great F words. Probably two of the greatest.

Thanks for sharing the members of your family, and I'm sorry you will be missing two of them this year.

I was also really interested in the exercise on friendship that you used. Pretty neat!


Tina´s PicStory said...

you have taken one of the most important F - friend :)

Anonymous said...

So important to have both of those in our lives!! Thanks for sharing.

Judie said...

I agree with Tina! "Friend" is a most important word!

Neabear said...

Great F post! Family is indeed important. I used Family also in my post. Incidently....G is next. I had to laugh when you mentioned H. I am guessing that trying to keep all the family straight got you slightly befuddled. Anyways, Teacher Jenny says we can wait a couple of weeks before we tackle G. Hope your holidays are special and full of love with your family.


upinthecosmos said...

I love how you put this all together! Done great. & an awesome message or 3:-)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous F post! Family and friends are high on my list, but I could live without FB!

Jenny said...

Fanks for this fabulous addition to the letter "F". . .

I am not sure what life would be with out family and friends . . .

My best wishes for a blessed and beautiful holiday for you and yours...

Fantastic job. . .