Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Well whats so special about wednesday?

Indeed we are half way through the week unless your'e in Dubai and other such countries whose weekends start on Friday as is the case with friends of mine who are relocating there next Tuesday.

The husband has gone dogs arrived today and their home in boxes will arrive ASAP.

Charlie and the girls leave on Tuesday.
I am excited for them but will seriously miss them.
This then lead me to thinking about a gift for them and I have come up with a couple of things but cant share until later as they may read my blogg ( not that they have time to ) .

What else is special about Wednesday well it is the day my daughters were born , yes all three were born on a Wednesday  now if I was clever I woud search the net and find out how many weeks old they are .

So here goes today
Rebecca is 1386 weeks old
Elizabeth is 1303 weeks old
Hannah is 1085 weeks old
and so as not to feel left out Christopher will be 1206 on Friday and Adam will be 1015 weeks on Saturday .

Now the exciting thing is I wonder when Baby cook will arrive.
At the moment Gemmas 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant.
I Find it interesting that  for the first few days after being born a baby is aged in days then suddenly it becomes weeks and so on to months and years.

Well this really has been a pointless excersise that has probably bored you to death but his wasted a bit of time with me .

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