Saturday, 10 December 2011

Edenhouse's take on Saturday Centus

Having not taken part is Saturday Centus for a very long time I thought I would take a peak so last week I did just that but as usual I did not read the rules and apparently I was only supposed to use 16 words, ok I exceeded that but a tadge.

This week as usual I have 100 words to entertain you. The topic or starter this week is it doesn't have to be that way,so here goes.

It was Saturday morning we up bright and early, off to choose our Christmas tree.
Time for breakfast and some Christmas music to get us in the mood.
We arrived at the farm and were greeted by the owners like long lost friends a glass of sherry was offered and accepted.
Then to the important business of the day choosing the tree.
Too tall to short to fat to thin. “MM not enough up top” one voice called out.
It doesn't have to be that way I thought what’s wrong with artificial trees?
I would not dare suggest though we have only ever had real.

Hannah ready for her Works Christmas evening infront of THE perfect tree

Well that’s my story this week oh and by the way it is what happened today Hannah and I have had a lovely day getting ready for Christmas .If you go to see Jenny over at her blog you will be entertained by other people’s stories.


bj said...

I love your take on the neat.
Your tree is beautiful...but your daughter is STUNNING. So pretty.

Of course you may put my poem on your Facebook. I am honored and I thank you.
xo bj

Sue said...

Sometimes I flirt with the idea of a fake tree, but I think I'm happily married to the real deal.


Judie said...

When our oldest granddaughter was maybe 4 or 5, we went to visit for a few days before Christmas. Before we left, we bought an artificial tree, our first ever, and had it delivered to our house on Christmas Eve. Our granddaughter was very sad for us to leave before Christmas, but we really needed to get home. We have had that tree for many years now. Our granddaughter is a senior in college now, and the tree is still growing strong. Not a single light has ever burned out! It is like Old Faithful, or the Energizer Bunny.

Your daughter really is stunning!

Gems said...

We are off to get our real tree tomorrow....and each year I swear it will be the hast time!!!

anitamombanita said...

My hubs thinks a fake tree decorated once and then stored in a plastic bag, as is, for the next year and the next and the next is the way to go...if you're going to do a tree at all.. LOL. Love the photo.

jfb57 said...

We have an artificial tree but there is always a sadness for me that we don't get that wonderful pine smell.your tree certainly looks 'just right'!

Ames said...

I wish I could have felt like putting up a real tree this year. So many procedures to go through and getting a virus on top of that has just worn me out. Your tree, what I can see of it, looks pretty.~Ames

Jo said...

Your daughter is so pretty!!! and fake or real ... I do fake, just because it is a lot less work, and we have a tiny townhouse ... it's just easy!

Jenny said...

OH my heavens! Your daughter is lovely! I think she must resemble her sweet Momma!

What a neat take on this prompt, Tracy!

I like looking at trees from this direction!

Hope your New Year is starting out sweetly. I suspect you're getting ready for your surgery!

Hugs and warm thoughts from Arizona.