Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hanging off a cliff part 2

Last week we tried using the cliffhanger literary device...

...and hopefully you literally left us hanging.

There is no official prompt this week. Just a continuation of last weeks story.

...and because I want to challenge you AGAIN...

What about if we do the conclusion in fifty words.


Five zero.

Part 1

I was running as fast as I could the distance between us was getting further and further , I wanted to scream but nothing came out of my mouth . Why was this happening to me ?

Suddenly I saw the cliff in the distance what was I to do I had visions of hanging off a cliff with the coastguard coming to my rescue how would I explain myself to them?

I looked down at myself and saw that I was wearing a zebra costume and tutu indeed how would I explain myself suddenly I stopped I could hear that voice again.

 Part 2
The one I first heard all those weeks ago on January 1st “ you will fail , you always do , you are useless “

I am going to prove them wrong , suddenly I wake up and realise It was a dream I had been running away from my birthday cake , time to get up and start again .

This is partialy true although I do not dream about it. Dieting is easy for slim people. It is easy for people with a strong will and it is  easy if it becomes a way of life. I do not want to be on a permanent diet I want to set my life eating ways as totally healthy.
Ok I am off to see how others have completed their cliff hanger, please pop over here


Christine said...

Funny, terrific write and ending.

Karen S. said...

Oh this is so good...and I was thinking all week nearly, that you would have more about the tutu! Ha ha...the images are just so funny...great centus! If only Jenny had not cut the word count!!!!!

Sue said...

Creative and fun. I think we can all relate, too!


Mama Zen said...

This is so creative! Great writing.

Daydreamertoo said...

Nothing about dieting is easy. I wish it was. I just have to look at food and I gain weight. LOL

anitamombanita said...

I'm forever running from a zebra in a tutu with chocolate cake...nicely done!

moondustwriter said...

The real life cliff hanger.
Wishing you the very best in 2012 Tracy
Hope its a great year for you tutu and all

Judie said...

I am constantly running away from the foods I shouldn't have, and I, too, have dreams like yours! No zebra outfit, though.

Jo said...

i want a zebra outfit with a tutu ... that is such a hysterically funny image to me ... Such wonderful and creative writing!!!

Jenny said...

Awwww...cute conclusion Miss Tracy. And I bet that zebra costome and tutu was really slimming!