Saturday, 27 September 2008

And more from this weekend

OK there have been a couple of jobs that although were not going to take long to do had to be done.

Firstly weeks ago we noticed that the drain cover in the garden was broken . This was highlighted after our blockage this week, so this morning Ian and I trundled of to Buildbase to buy a replacement .

Two boring before and after pics.

the after will look better once dry and cleaned up.

The next task calling was the front door mat. This has been in constant use for 8 years and unfortunately not just to wipe our feet on.

One of the cats decided that it would be good to urinate on. So armed with new Stanley knife up came the old . While I cleaned the area Ian and Chris cut the new , replaced it and I then sprayed with a cat deterrent. I can not tell you the difference it makes.

And Finally took this yesterday ok not quite New England in the Fall but the best I can do in Market Drayton. This tree is always stunning and for the first time I managed to capture it.

Autumn has arrived

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