Sunday, 3 October 2010

Saturday centus week 22

This week we have a picture of a pumpkin field as the prompt. If a picture can paint a thousand words does this mean I can use 1000 words? Ok I will stick to the usual 100

How was I going to make Halloween different this year?

I did not have children at home for the first time , I went to the pumpkin fields as normal with my usual neighbourhood group. I went through the motions of choosing 4 great pumpkins. The farmer through an extra one in for me as he liked my smile.

When I got home I pondered for a while what to do I carved as usual but instead of throwing the pulp away I made some delicious soup and took it to the homeless shelter a perfect treat.


Viki said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful Centus. I love the idea of taking the soup to the homeless. Great take on this prompt. Very heartfelt.

Terra said...

Oh how sweet! Nice! I also love the first comment on the 1000 words, I didn't go there...surprised more people didn't think to give teacher the business about that one!

Deborah said...

A lovely SC :o)

Sue said...

Mmmm. Wish I had some of that soup right now! But I like that it was taken to a homeless shelter even more.

Really nice thought to go with the pumpkin theme.


Teresa said...

Great way to continue to make holidays meaningful even when the little ones have flown.

Tgoette said...

What a altruistic way to celebrate Halloween! A lovely thought! Well done!

Tina said...

mmmm pumkin soup sounds lovely. what a pleasant halloween story

Tina from
Mummy Diaries

Anonymous said...

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cj Schlottman said...

How incredibly thoughtful and generous. You rock!


Kat said...

I loved this! What a wonderful idea, and a great new tradition. And your comment about 1000 words made me giggle. Wish I'd thought of that, I had a horrid time keeping mine to 100 words :) Kat

Jenny said...

Hi Tracy. I like your new header. It made me feel very autumnal.

And I liked this thoughtful and compassionate use of the prompt.

It didn't surprise me that you thought of this.

Your profile picture is really pretty!

Ames said...

Kindness Matters. Good post!~Ames