Tuesday, 15 February 2011

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I just had to share this photo of my two gorgeous great nices Mya and Kiera this really put a smile on my face a couple of weeks ago.

 Ok these two pghotos are connected they were both taken in the candle department of a local shop.
It was no wonder the top packs had do not eat on them.
A bit like my shower gel that says do not drink me.

I had popped round to Chris and Gemma's as they were flower arranging Chris vaery kindly gave me a bunch of stalks thanks son.
Actually he gave me a very nice bunch of carnations as well

I could not miss this phot chance last Saturday a heart shaped fried egg perfect timimng for valentines day

My last photo offering is Tibbles and her latest idea I fill my glass for bedtime drinking and Tibbles drinks it
Just as well I take a bottle to bed with me as well.

I am planning to update more often now that life is calming down a bit .

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Natasha said...

That is one cheeky cat!

Hope you have been well? I haven't seen you for a while. We have been busy here with back-to-school and renovations. Things are getting back to normal now thank goodness!

Take care and best wishes always,